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Image Made for tights and such. Hope to see it printed soon! More on my Behance portfolio Image ImageImage


This is a portfolio for the mmiu Protection collection.

^Click on the image above for research, concept, colors and target groups of the collection [bg].

^Click on the image above for technical sketches of the garments.

^Click on the image above for illustrations for OFFLINE and ONLINE parts of the collection.

^Click on the image above for illustrations for the printed dresses from ONLINE.

^Click on the image above for illustrations for the tee-shirt prints for OFFLINE.

^Click on the image above for pin designs for OFFLINE.

^Click on the image above for some photos from the fashion show.

The fashion collection “Protection” is oriented towards the fast developing young person with a dynamic daily living, which means many contacts and Internet work. The clothes express the need of an inviolable personal space. They are designed to assure a symbolic protection and also a comfort to those who wear them.  I made a special attention to the dual life of the young person who is very active both on the virtual net and in his live contacts with other people. So the collection is divided in two parts. ONLINE shows the life in the Internet. OFFLINE is devoted to the face-to-face contacts in the real world. The ONLINE models are more official, strange and embarrassing because we inhibit the Net with our thoughts, not physically. The OFFLINE clothes are more casual. They are comfortable and easy to wear when you are constantly on the move.

Колекция “Защита” е насочена към младия, бързо развиващ се човек с динамично ежедневие, което предполага контакти с множество хора и работа с Интернет. Дрехите отразяват нуждата от неприкосновеност на личното пространство и са проектирани да защитават символично носещия ги и да осигуряват комфорт и уют. Особено внимание е обърнато на двойнствения живот на младия човек, свикнал да ползва активно електронната мрежа и същевременно да се вижда наживо с хора. Колекцията е разделена на две части, като в едната (ONLINE) се разглежда комуникацията в Интернет, а другата (OFFLINE) е пригодена за общуване лице в лице. ONLINE е по-официална, по-странна и непрактична, тъй като в Мрежата участваме с мисъл, а не физически. OFFLINE изглежда по-спортна и удобна, подходяща за многото движение в ежедневието.